Monday, 23 February 2015

Shooting Schedule

Shot Number and Shot Details
Props and Position

Outside of Tania’s house
Shot 2 - Establishing shot of house

Inside house
Shot 4 - Tracking up the stairs
Shot 5 - Cut in and close-up of family photos on the wall
Shot 6 - Fade out of pictures and tracking up the stairs continues
Shot 7 - loose frame of boys door open slightly
- Photo Frames on the wall

Characters Room
Shot 8 - Tracking into boys room
Shot 9 - Slow pan of the room from right to left showing MS of boys posters on the wall
Shot 10 - MS of boy sitting on the floor with his back facing the camera
Shot 11 - POV pan of the kid looking at his toys
Shot 12 - Credits of director and other crew members between the gaps of his scattered and decapitated toys
Shot 13 - ECU of an action figure broken and tattered and fade out, then panning continues
Shot 14 - Fade in of extreme close up of scissors open and credit of casting crew appears on the blade of the scissor then it fades out and the panning continues
Shot 15 - Cut in of ECU of baby doll head and then fade out and panning continues
Shot 16 - Aerial shot of the boy grabbing the scissors and cutting out the stick men
Shot 17 - CU of boy finishing cutting out the stickmen
Shot 18 - ECU of boy cutting the head of the stick men
Shot 19 - CU of boys eyes
Shot 20 - LS on boy walking towards his desk and grabbing the paper and pen
Shot 21 - MS of his desk as his hands enter the frame to grab the paper and pen
Shot 22 - POV shot of boy drawing a tree with someone hanging from it
Shot 23 - Loose frame of door slamming shut by itself
Shot 27 - Long Shot of mother in the kitchen cooking and jamming out to the music playing on the radio
- Posters on the wall
- Decapitated toys
- Paper and Pen on table
- Scissors on the floor
- Action figures on the floor
- Dolls on the floor
- Radio

- Axel – Boy
- Axels Mother

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