Monday, 9 February 2015

Own Ideas

Idea 1: The Morning after the Thirteenth
A boy is walking on his way to school on Friday the fourteenth, the day after him and his friends stay up the whole night telling ‘fictional’ ghost stories and playing Friday the thirteenth games in his room. On his way to school he gets the sense that he is being followed (which continues throughout the day) but he chooses to ignore it as he didn’t believe in the stories and because it is broad daylight there is no way anything could happen to him. However he goes missing and doesn’t turn up for school..
Movie: Gone Girl 2014
News: Reports of abductions and missing children such as the missing school girls in Africa (2014).

Idea 2: Valentine Don’ts
The thriller begins with a flashback from an over the shoulder shot of a girl’s ex-boyfriend boy looking at the girl as they spending Valentine’s Day together having a happy and intimate picnic in the park. A montage of their silhouettes having a good time during their picnic is followed by the continuation of a peaceful soundtrack as we see (but don’t hear) the couple break up, in the beautiful scenery of the park as the sunsets, over something that is not depicted at the time. The audience is then transported to a modern day situation where the girl is seen to be moving on with her life 6 months later. She is in the house alone getting ready for a date in her room when she hears noises downstairs as if someone is breaking into her house..
Movie: A drama shown on BBC3 based on a true story called ‘Murdered by My Boyfriend’

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