Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Escalate: Final Movie Opening

Evaluation: Question 6

Media Evaluation
Question 6: What have you learnt about the technologies from the process of constructing this product?
In order to film our thriller opening we used a Canon XHAI camera.This camera is specifically designed to film short films like what we were required to do. When we were being taught how to use the camera the most important thing we were told to do was ensure that when we pressed the record button wait a few seconds before we start the scene or else the beginning of the footage may be cut off. If we did this we would know it had happened until it came to post production where it is too late to fix this error. Therefore, every time we filmed a new shot we used the clapper board and called ‘action’ after the camera had refocused. Another piece of equipment that we use was a tripod that to hold the camera when filming scenes that required steady camera movements. When using the tripod we were taught to check the spirit level every time we moved or adjusted the camera or else our shots would be slightly distorted or at various different angles. Another thing we learnt was that it is important to hold the camera every time we move it connected to the tripod. This is because there is always a risk that it could fall and break which would delay our movie.
The software that we used to edit is called Adobe Premier. When we got all out footage back the first thing we had to do was separate the shots, order them and get rid of the ones we don’t need for the opening. While doing this I learnt how to cut and extend shots so they portrayed continuity editing and match on action. If I didn’t learn how to do this our film would look unprofessional and the audience would find it hard to understand the movie as the action wouldn’t be natural. Once the shots had been ordered and skilfully cut with transitions in place to fit within the two minute limit we then decided to add filters to give the film a more authentic look and feel by creating a curve in the red RGB filter. Once the filter has been rendered (which is done so the film can be previewed smoothly) we imported the soundtrack that we chose and modified some of the shots to suit the build up towards the end of the soundtrack. I did this so the action on screen would also be depicted trough sound and would help to engage the audience. From this I learn how important sound can be in conveying the tone of the action to the audience.

Some of the other editing and filming techniques we used include transitions such as fades. We used this to smoothly transition between shots that didn’t look professional with just a normal cut. We also used it to create a smoother pace within the movie to give that thriller element. We learnt how to effectively use the rule of thirds to frame our shots so they looked professional.