Monday, 23 February 2015

Location, Props & Costume

   - Drawing of creepy objects and people (3 Drawings) –  (All)
   - Decapitated teddy bears, action figures and dolls – (All)
   - Paper – (Chevander)
   - Photo frames with random family pictures – (Chevander)
   - Scissors – (Tania)
   - Chest of drawers
   - Bed
   - Desk and chair
 Radio (Tania)
   - Posters – (Tania)

   - Outside Tania’s House
 Inside Tania’s House (Stairs)
   - Bedroom
   - Kitchen

    - Stripy Jumper – (Kyel)
    - Black Jeans – (Kyel)
    - Blue Dress – (Chevander)
    - Slippers – (Tania)

Shooting Schedule

Shot Number and Shot Details
Props and Position

Outside of Tania’s house
Shot 2 - Establishing shot of house

Inside house
Shot 4 - Tracking up the stairs
Shot 5 - Cut in and close-up of family photos on the wall
Shot 6 - Fade out of pictures and tracking up the stairs continues
Shot 7 - loose frame of boys door open slightly
- Photo Frames on the wall

Characters Room
Shot 8 - Tracking into boys room
Shot 9 - Slow pan of the room from right to left showing MS of boys posters on the wall
Shot 10 - MS of boy sitting on the floor with his back facing the camera
Shot 11 - POV pan of the kid looking at his toys
Shot 12 - Credits of director and other crew members between the gaps of his scattered and decapitated toys
Shot 13 - ECU of an action figure broken and tattered and fade out, then panning continues
Shot 14 - Fade in of extreme close up of scissors open and credit of casting crew appears on the blade of the scissor then it fades out and the panning continues
Shot 15 - Cut in of ECU of baby doll head and then fade out and panning continues
Shot 16 - Aerial shot of the boy grabbing the scissors and cutting out the stick men
Shot 17 - CU of boy finishing cutting out the stickmen
Shot 18 - ECU of boy cutting the head of the stick men
Shot 19 - CU of boys eyes
Shot 20 - LS on boy walking towards his desk and grabbing the paper and pen
Shot 21 - MS of his desk as his hands enter the frame to grab the paper and pen
Shot 22 - POV shot of boy drawing a tree with someone hanging from it
Shot 23 - Loose frame of door slamming shut by itself
Shot 27 - Long Shot of mother in the kitchen cooking and jamming out to the music playing on the radio
- Posters on the wall
- Decapitated toys
- Paper and Pen on table
- Scissors on the floor
- Action figures on the floor
- Dolls on the floor
- Radio

- Axel – Boy
- Axels Mother

Monday, 9 February 2015

Own Ideas

Idea 1: The Morning after the Thirteenth
A boy is walking on his way to school on Friday the fourteenth, the day after him and his friends stay up the whole night telling ‘fictional’ ghost stories and playing Friday the thirteenth games in his room. On his way to school he gets the sense that he is being followed (which continues throughout the day) but he chooses to ignore it as he didn’t believe in the stories and because it is broad daylight there is no way anything could happen to him. However he goes missing and doesn’t turn up for school..
Movie: Gone Girl 2014
News: Reports of abductions and missing children such as the missing school girls in Africa (2014).

Idea 2: Valentine Don’ts
The thriller begins with a flashback from an over the shoulder shot of a girl’s ex-boyfriend boy looking at the girl as they spending Valentine’s Day together having a happy and intimate picnic in the park. A montage of their silhouettes having a good time during their picnic is followed by the continuation of a peaceful soundtrack as we see (but don’t hear) the couple break up, in the beautiful scenery of the park as the sunsets, over something that is not depicted at the time. The audience is then transported to a modern day situation where the girl is seen to be moving on with her life 6 months later. She is in the house alone getting ready for a date in her room when she hears noises downstairs as if someone is breaking into her house..
Movie: A drama shown on BBC3 based on a true story called ‘Murdered by My Boyfriend’

Analysis of Thriller Openings

Trailer 1: The Purge

The purge is a classed as a horror thriller set in the future where by a wealthy family is held hostage in their own home for holding the target of murderous group of people during the annual purge where all crime is legal for a period of 12 hours.

The opening scenes of this movie is focused on creating anxiety as well as confusion within the audience as the contrapuntal sound implies. While clips of unsuspecting victims as presented on screen a palliative and calming soundtrack play in the background as non-diegetic sound. At first this creates a state of confusion as it suggests that the fact that people are innocently dying in nothing to worry about. However as the scenes continue the audience is left to wonder why people were being killed and therefore get the impression that these crimes were a thing of the past due to the nonchalant soundtrack.

The fact that the videos are surveillance video suggests that this is official footage of what happened during purges in the past .This then make the audience anxious to know whether the movie about the upcoming purge will be any different from the last and if so, how. This is again implied through the soundtrack and the washed out lack of colour of the clips that are being shown as they resemble that of a flashback or a look back in event that happened in the past. The only time we see colour is when there is absolute chaos and terror such as the burning building in the middle of the clip. This could be don’t to emphasise the chaos during the situation.

Trailer 2: Now You See Me

Now your see me is a crime and mystery thriller as it is about the quest of an FBI agent and an Interpol detective who attempt to track down illusionists who pull a bank heist during one of their performances and then use the money to reward the audience.

As soon as the opening starts instead of seeing credits like a typical movie we are introduced to one of the four other main characters of the film. The scene starts with a close up in a tight frame of the actor breaking the fourth wall by asking the audience to participate in the film ‘I want you to see one card’. This introduces the audience to him on a more personal level than just someone inside the world of the movie. Therefore allowing the audience to build a new friendly relationship with the character as it appears that he is addressing them directly. 

We are then introduced to the next character who has a different personality than the first but he has the same job, along with a sound bridge that reveals the third illusionist. When we are introduced to the second character, as he counts the alphabet the speed of the jump cuts dramatically increase to replicate the speed at which he says each letter and also how quickly the man that he is talking to reacts as each letter is said. Therefore this intensifies the action as we see the man begins to panic under the stress of the situation and each shot of him gets closer and closer to his facial features in extreme close ups. The third character is a more normal citizen as he is a young man who conducts illusions in hope of getting public attention. However he follows a different stereotype when he steals the man wallet as he is then portrayed as a criminalistics young man.

When introduced to the last character we see that she follows the stereotypes of an illusionist as she is a beautiful young woman who is about to put herself in danger for the entertainment of others. The high angle shot of the woman as she is released into the tank in a sparkling swimsuit represents her to be an unstereotypical character for this movie genre as the main characters are typically male or not accustomed to being put in danger.

As we come the end of the opening the audience is now able to understand that each of the main characters have a completely different personality that the next but they all illusionists. This is due to some of the props that they use such as cards, a bent spoon and a tank of dangerous fish along with hypnosis. Therefore we get the impression that they are illusionists as theses props are typical for them to be using.

What is a Thriller?