Monday, 30 March 2015

Evaluation: Question 5

Media Evaluation
Question 5: How did you attract/address your audience?
As the audience watches our film opening we expect them to incorporate their prior knowledge of the genre into their viewing experience. This includes knowledge of the typical type of narratives and themes incorporated into thrillers such as child possession and espionage. They would also know about the typical props, lighting and soundtracks hat would be used such as low key lighting, dynamic soundtracks and props including blood and gory objects. In order to target an audience while keeping in mind what they expect and know about thrillers we incorporated the things that they would expect to see in a thriller so they are clear on the genre of from the very moment the film starts to play.

To attract our target audience we have chosen to base our opening on themes that are typical of a thriller movie. These themes include Human consciousness which is where the characters mind is a battle ground for narrative conflict to gain a new level of understanding and perception of their world and personality. Character identity is another theme that allows the audience to identify the characters personality through their personal journey and the most common theme is death and the fascination with death which is presented widely throughout the opening. The point of expressing these themes is to attract our target audience that watch films to escape from reality as these themes are not encountered during everyday life and this is because they may be interested in similar films such as Insidious and Sinister which present similar themes.

(For Textual Analysis see Evaluation: Question 1)

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