Sunday, 29 March 2015

Evaluation: Question 2

Media Evaluation
Question 2: How does your opening sequence represent particular social groups?
The key character in our opening sequence is a 10/11 year old boy who is middle class but low status as he is a child and they usually aren't respected that much in films.
Certain technical aspects we used suggest different things about the character for example a tracking shot is used to represent spirits entering the house, and allows us to find the main character. From this shot we could tell that the character is unstable and is possibly possessed and gives us a reason as to why he is weird and creepy. The long shot of his reflection in the mirror shows the characters innocence being lost as he is not willingly doing what he is doing. This represents the character as innocent but being controlled like how kids are controlled by their parents but in a more severe, harsh, manipulative and wrong way which leads to the character being messed up.
Also the props used in the opening sequence which are dolls that have been dismantled emphasises on the fact that the character is different and not like the other kids as usually kids loves toys and keep them safe but the character from our opening sequence cuts and abuses his dolls. The costume used makes the character appear as an average typical boy, he is wearing a blue and white striped jumper with the hood up which suggests his criminality, his real personality and his identity being hidden.

The character and opening sequence is inspired by Halloween, a film about a serial killer, who kills his family when he was a child, known as Michael Myers, other inspirations include To Kill a Mockingbird and Se7en. We didn't have any issues with the cast, we chose Kyel to play the role of Axel in the opening sequence because he has experience in drama and is good at acting, we required a male character and he was available also he was excited and very good at playing the character and so we casted him.

Other than dedication and reliability we were looking for enthusiasm, improvisation skills and creativity which Kyel was expert in, we also found that he was a good listener and we all had good communication skills which helped us further. We asked Kyel to channel his inner child and guided him on how we wanted the character to appear, from there he improvised movements and if we liked his input we would keep it and maybe alter it a bit, if we didn’t like it then we directed Kyel on how to improve his body language and facial expression in order to stay true to his character. 

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